Dear APAS Members and All Arthroplasty colleagues
With many affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, I wish only that you and your families keep safe until we defeat this affliction.

Because of the global restrictions, the planned annual scientific meeting in Bali for this year has again been deferred until 2022. In the interim and to serve our members the executive has decided and progressed substantially with planning for the 21st ASM of APAS as a Virtual conference in July. This will be a 3-day conference held over 3 consecutive Saturdays to maximise your attendance and participation. Time zone issues are always difficult in the virtual space and to accommodate the region the conference will run between Midday to 8 pm AEST (UTC/GMT + 10). The dates of the conference this year will be Saturday 10th, 17th and 24th July.

The virtual platform we have selected will allow a high level of interaction and involvement for delegates as we will run 2 concurrent auditoriums for hip and knee arthroplasty and a virtual foyer and exhibition booths which will allow interaction with the trade display and industry (there may be some limitations in some countries with the virtual space technology, but the zoom presentations and surgical videos should be accessible by all).

Academic content will see a wide and highly regarded faculty from around the globe ready to deliver great content to you on the theme of the conference: “Arthroplasty in the Age of Technology”. The highlight of this conference will be access to up to 12 live surgical procedures which will be live-streamed into the program from Sydney, Perth, Gold Coast, Auckland, Pune, Mumbai, Urumqi and Beijing. Surgery will include primary TKA using different robotic technologies and different alignment strategies, primary THA using different approaches and pre-operative planning strategies, revision THA with robot assist and revision TKA for PJI with one-stage technique. Didactic presentations will also focus on video demonstrations to share with you our approach to procedures you deal with daily as well as the more complex situations which will be debated and discussed among our panel of experts.

The webpage for registration and information will go live on May 1 and abstracts for free paper presentations will be accepted up until mid-June, so prepare your scientific submissions if you wish for your work to be part of this conference.

This will be a major undertaking for APAS who will be joined by our friends and colleagues from ASIA and APKS for this conference as well as colleagues from further afield. As this whole conference will be virtual, we have the opportunity to share and welcome delegates from anywhere on the globe to join us for this conference and I hope you plan ahead and put some valuable time aside for this highly anticipated online feast.
Best regards and keep safe

A/Prof. Rami Sorial

Scientific Chairman APAS